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Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is a the well-established name across the nation when it comes to plumbing repairs and installation. We have assisted hundreds of customers through premium plumbing services and empowered entrepreneurs through our proven business model. With these, we can offer franchise opportunities Atlanta plumbers can seize to build a lucrative venture and build their future.

The plumbing industry is a burgeoning sector that generated around $110 billion in 2019. Moreover, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that by 2024, they expect it to have grown by 24% over 10 years. But on top of these findings, it pays to remember that plumbing is a need, not a want. Being in a fast-growing and essential industry like this puts you in the best position to own and expand a financially and personally rewarding business. 

It’s never easy to own and operate a plumbing business on your own. Aside from the usual risks involved in starting a venture, you’ll meet the overwhelming challenge of wearing multiple hats at once. From understanding how to market a plumbing business, reaching out to your local prospects, managing your team, or learning how to grow your plumbing business, you might have to tackle all to-dos on your own to get your venture up and running. 

So if you’re looking for effective and strategic ways to unlock how to grow your plumbing business, consider joining our bluefrog Plumbing + Drain family. Converting your existing business into a bluefrog plumbing franchise automatically gives you the support you need to improve your customer service, operations, leadership, and more. 

When you become a franchise partner with us, we propel business opportunities that Georgia plumbers can leverage to speed up their revenue growth and achieve greater heights. The brand’s vast range of services helps you scale your venture, win more customers, and access multiple revenue streams. 

If you are ready to unlock your business's full potential, become a bluefrog franchise partner today. As a trusted name in plumbing repair and installation, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is the best place to enter the industry and gain the support you need to grow a lucrative and recession-resistant business.

What Our Bluefrog Plumbing Franchise Owners Are Saying


I looked at multiple franchises, but bluefrog was a good fit. They showed a real interest in people who have more of an entrepreneurial and business background. Be aggressive, don't be afraid, the business will be there. It's a very profitable business. It's recession resistant. It's really a great choice."

Alan Soukup

Bluefrog of North Dallas


The more I learned about bluefrog, the more I was intrigued by the approach of the business, the model they had, the reasons why they were doing it and probably most of all the people. If you ask me if I would do this all over again knowing what I know right now, I certainly would"

Duane Larkin

Bluefrog of Northeast Dallas


My goal is to not just own a plumbing company,, my goal is to reenergize the plumbing business in Richmond, Virginia. It's a year-round business. People will spend money for plumbing whether they have money to go on vacation or whether they have money to buy a new car. It's absolutely a bellwether business. It's important to recognize people need plumbing all the time."

Michelle Dean

Bluefrog of Richmond, Va.


Bluefrog Makes it Easy to
Own an Atlanta Plumbing Franchise

Take Advantage of Our Proven Business Model To Own a Flourishing Business


Learning how much money to start a plumbing business often discourages or overwhelms aspiring entrepreneurs. This is why offer franchise opportunities Atlanta plumbers can actually access — we have one of the most competitive start-up costs in this billion-dollar industry with an average initial investment of  $250,000, even before the 50% discount. On top of this, qualified U.S. veterans can further bring down upfront expenses with an additional 7% price cut.


At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we’re looking for franchise partners with dedication and a will to become successful business owners. With that said, we also ensure that they thrive under our care. That’s why we invest time and effort into coaching you on how to market a plumbing business, hire expert plumbers, deliver exceptional customer service, and more. Ultimately, we empower you to oversee a staff of plumbers and become an efficient manager of a lucrative fleet of vans.


If you’ve been trying to crack the code on how to grow your plumbing business but you have been unsuccessful, our support team is here to help you out. As a bluefrog Plumbing + Drain franchisee, you’ll receive in-depth training on business plan making and SMART goal setting. You’ll also gain access to programs on financial resource management and expansion. Ultimately, you’ll receive continuous support — we regularly check up on how you’re moving towards your goals to help keep your business on track.

Why Bluefrog is the Best Atlanta Franchise Opportunity For Your Existing Plumbing Business

$ billion
U.S. Plumbing Industry Market Size
Number of States Where a Bluefrog Plumbing Franchisee Operates
Average Startup Price For a bluefrog Plumbing Franchise (*Before 50% Off!)

Why Choose
Bluefrog as Your
Atlanta Plumbing
Franchise Partner

We Fully Support You
Every Step of Your Journey


We Repay Upfront
Rebranding and Marketing Costs

We understand that not everyone may have sufficient funds to convert and rebrand their ventures. So to keep offering business opportunities Georgia plumbers can afford, we’re here to help reduce their upfront costs. bluefrog handles the initial expenses associated with rebranding your venture into a bluefrog franchise and marketing it afterward. These will then be repaid through an amended royalty schedule, allowing you to be a bluefrog franchise owner without stressful financial obligations.  


We Offer a Discount For
U.S. Veterans to Get Started

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we believe that veterans possess traits crucial in running a successful business: leadership skills, diligence, and drive to succeed. That’s why we keep our franchise opportunities Atlanta affordable and accessible to them. So if you qualify, we offer you an automatic 7% discount to provide you with an easy path to business ownership. This is our simple way of saying thanks for your sacrifices. 


Our Approach is People First,
Plumbing Second

The reason we’re able to grow a strong network of service providers across the country is that we invest in our people. As our plumbing franchise partner, bluefrog provides you with world-class support, training you on how to hire the best plumbers in the industry, coaching you on financial awareness, and supplying you with a complete suite of marketing solutions. Ultimately, we create business opportunities Georgia plumbers can fully maximize to thrive in business and become full-fledged CEOs of their ventures. 


Our Business Model is Designed
for Growth and Profit

Another factor that sets our plumbing franchise apart from the rest is that our business model is designed to be affordable yet highly scalable and profitable. This means that you don’t need to invest in a brick-and-mortar location to start your operations. Instead, all you need is one van and a small team of qualified plumbers to begin taking calls and projects. Ultimately, you can leverage our in-depth expertise in repairing and maintaining pipes to generate revenue quickly.


There Will Be No More
Waiting For the Phone to Ring

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we believe that operating a business does not have to be stressful. As such, we provide you with all the resources you’ll need to improve your sales, build strong customer relationships, and lead a growing business. Moreover, we let you enjoy the benefits of our membership-based business model and established national brand. With your team equipped with our recognized name and robust marketing support, you’ll sure to keep your plumbers busy all year.


You Will Not Be Alone in
Your Plumbing Business

It’s always tricky to pick up the essentials of entrepreneurship on your own, whether it be determining how much money to start a plumbing business or learning how to market your services. But as a bluefrog franchise partner, you’ll have all the help and guidance you need as you go on your journey as a small business owner. We will be with you every step of the way, guiding you as you hire the right plumbers and make executive decisions so your business can continue to grow. 

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