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Are you wondering how to grow your plumbing business in Detroit? The best plumbing franchise partner in the metro has the answer. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we have designed a business model that adds value to your enterprise, enhances your visibility to potential clients and increases the demand for your services.

Our team offers franchise opportunities Detroit plumbers can leverage. Through our new conversion partnership program, we enable existing plumbers to carry the trusted and widely recognized bluefrog brand. As a part of our extensive network, you can learn how to market a plumbing business and achieve your desired results.

Aside from a branding and marketing upgrade, you can also significantly benefit from our collective buying power with preferred vendors and our growing national network. Count on our experts to equip you with advanced skills and professional advice, which are key to building a bluefrog franchise business.

How much money to start a plumbing business with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain? The franchise can cost approximately $127,130 to $370,915. But for seizing these excellent business opportunities Michigan plumbers can enjoy a 50% discount upon signup.

We also have exciting news for U.S. veterans who want to become plumbing company executives. You can save 7% on your initial investment if you decide to turn your business into a bluefrog franchise.

We give you all the resources to transform your endeavor into a productive and profitable pursuit, whilst serving residential and commercial clients in the metro. When you partner with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, you become a pro-active business owner in the multi-billion-dollar plumbing industry.

Reach out to us today to learn how you can start boosting your bottom-line performance with bluefrog.

What Our Bluefrog Plumbing Franchise Owners Are Saying


I looked at multiple franchises, but bluefrog was a good fit. They showed a real interest in people who have more of an entrepreneurial and business background. Be aggressive, don't be afraid, the business will be there. It's a very profitable business. It's recession resistant. It's really a great choice."

Alan Soukup

Bluefrog of North Dallas


The more I learned about bluefrog, the more I was intrigued by the approach of the business, the model they had, the reasons why they were doing it and probably most of all the people. If you ask me if I would do this all over again knowing what I know right now, I certainly would"

Duane Larkin

Bluefrog of Northeast Dallas


My goal is to not just own a plumbing company,, my goal is to reenergize the plumbing business in Richmond, Virginia. It's a year-round business. People will spend money for plumbing whether they have money to go on vacation or whether they have money to buy a new car. It's absolutely a bellwether business. It's important to recognize people need plumbing all the time."

Michelle Dean

Bluefrog of Richmond, Va.


Bluefrog Makes it Easy to
Own a Detroit Plumbing Franchise

Achieve Market Dominance With a Reliable Business Model


It is our goal to create plumbing franchise opportunities Detroit plumbing businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs would benefit from. This is why we’re introducing a program that provides an affordable entry for existing plumbers into the industry. Our low franchise cost allows you to get your bearings while aiming to grow your share in the $124-billion market. From asking how much money to start a plumbing business, you will be looking forward to projecting and counting your returns in no time.


Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain’s results-focused culture ensures your franchise will flourish. From Day 1, we’re 100% committed to seeing you accomplish your goals and generate revenue. With this, you can rely on our experts to train you on how to grow your plumbing business and how to sell the services we provide. We also support you when it comes to hiring qualified plumbers and leading your business effectively as it expands.


It can be difficult to navigate the array of business opportunities Michigan provides, but when you partner with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, you gain extensive support and financial coaching. No matter your starting point, we aid you in achieving your business growth goals. We help you create a thorough business plan, benchmark goals, and take your plumbing business to the next level in a sustainable way. In addition, we regularly communicate with you about your performance goals, ensuring your team achieves them consistently.

Why Bluefrog is the Best Detroit Franchise Opportunity For Your Existing Plumbing Business

$ billion
U.S. Plumbing Industry Market Size
Number of States Where a Bluefrog Plumbing Franchisee Operates
Average Startup Price For a bluefrog Plumbing Franchise (*Before 50% Off!)

Why Choose
Bluefrog as Your
Detroit Plumbing
Franchise Partner

We Fully Support You
Every Step of Your Journey


We Repay Upfront
Rebranding and Marketing Costs

Converting your existing plumbing business into a bluefrog franchise entails rebranding and marketing expenditures. Rest assured, you will always be supported as our company is committed to repaying these costs through an amended royalty schedule. On top of this, we also train you how to market a plumbing business and maximize the brand equity that comes with the conversion.


We Offer a Discount For
U.S. Veterans to Get Started

A huge discount awaits military veterans who wish to start a franchise with us. All qualified U.S. veterans automatically receive 7% off the bluefrog Plumbing + Drain franchising start-up costs. This is our way of thanking you for your exemplary service. At the same time, we acknowledge your exceptional ability to lead, execute our business model and scale your plumbing business.


Our Approach is People First,
Plumbing Second

The first lesson on how to grow your plumbing business involves listening to your customers. As a bluefrog franchisee, we’ll help you prioritize the needs and preferences of your residential and commercial clients. We’ll also take the time to ensure you understand clients’ requirements and the best solutions. Your clients will thank you, and you’ll have earned their loyalty in return.


Our Business Model is Designed
for Growth and Profit

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we aim to develop plumbing franchise opportunities Detroit plumbers can benefit from. Our business model repositions you as the CEO of your plumbing company instead of simply delegating the task to you and sending you to do the work. From the start, we will coach you on how to market a plumbing business, how to scale it and more. Ultimately, you will work with us, not for us – and enjoy the return on your investment.


There Will Be No More
Waiting For the Phone to Ring

Joining a national brand means you have access not just to our vast resources, but also to our wide customer base. We provide you with ongoing digital marketing support so you can cultivate a relationship with your clients. As a result, you’ll get more bookings for your plumbing services as you expand your reach online. Further, you will continue to earn the trust of more homeowners and businesses as you uphold bluefrog Plumbing + Drain’s excellent standards.


You Will Not Be Alone in
Your Plumbing Business

When people ask us the question: how much money to start a plumbing business? We respond with a 50% discount on start-up costs. The bluefrog franchise system is designed to launch as many entrepreneurs as possible into profitable small-business ownership. Our team will be by your side as you grow your client base. On top of the business opportunities Michigan plumbers receive from bluefrog, we also continue to assist with hiring, marketing and operational matters.

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