Why bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is an Essential Business

When plumbing fails, homeowners have to call a plumbing business immediately

Plumbing is one of the largest investments in a home for a reason – the second something goes wrong, our quality of life goes down the tubes. 

This is why entrepreneurs ought to invest in the plumbing industry. It’s an essential service that is recession-resistant, profitable and always in demand. Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain exists to help entrepreneurs thrive in a plumbing business – and no experience in the plumbing industry is required. 

bluefrog employee and customer

When someone needs a plumber, they need them right away

Until something goes wrong, we tend to take our foundational plumbing and water-pipe systems for granted. And oftentimes, the unfortunate and commonly heard stereotypes make us also forget that plumbers are highly-trained, licensed professionals. 

The reality is this: every other home service can wait. This is why plumbing is an essential business, and it’s why investing in the plumbing industry is a solid choice. Plumbing is vastly underserved, and the nationwide shortage of plumbers means that there is ample opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the evergreen demand for plumbing services in their markets.

Owning a Plumbing Franchise is Owning an Essential Business

Franchisees at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain are able to offer their customers a wide range of services – anything from 24/7 customer service and emergency calls to assisting with water heaters and repairing or detecting gas leaks. Along with clogged drains, toilets, faucets, sinks, garbage disposal, sewer, and water line repair or replacement, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain has a variety of services in order to help drive business, meet new customers, and provide multiple revenue streams. 

And the best part is – owning a plumbing business is exactly that – a business. Our franchise owners hire plumbers to perform the services, while they focus on growing their businesses. Our robust training & support will provide all the resources you need to flourish in a plumbing business, as well as reap the benefits of owning a service that every home and property owner needs. 

The need for plumbing means there is a need for your business. It is a long-term, lucrative, investment opportunity that continually supplies a need for consumers and labor that is always in demand.

Are you ready to invest in an essential business?

A blueFrog Plumbing + Drain franchise is a low-cost investment opportunity offering high growth potential. Join this fresh new brand as it spreads throughout the nation in 2020 and beyond. The total cost to open a bluefrog Plumbing + Drain franchise ranges from $127,130 to $370,915 –  much less than the usual plumbing franchise brands due to the lack of brick-and-mortar expenses. 

For in-depth details about the blueFrog Plumbing + Drain  franchise opportunity, fill out our free franchise information request form